This Sunday – 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear parishioners and friends,

Welcome to St. Mary Queen of Heaven, Georges Hall


Now that we have reached 80% vaccination against COVID-19 of those over 16, churches are open for public Masses. Masses are held:

·         Tuesday 6pm

·         Wednesday 9am

·         Thursday 9am

·         Friday 9am

·         Saturday 5pm

·         Sunday 8am, 10am, 5pm

Please note:

·         Covid Safe check-in is required.

·         the 1 person per 4 square metres still applies

·         Everyone must continue to wear masks, except when reading or presiding etc. 

·         Hand Sanitiser is to be available at church entrances.

·         Congregational singing is not permitted, but a socially distanced choir of up to 10 fully vaccinated people is allowed.

Please continue to check this website for information about any permitted gatherings in our parish church, including Mass, other liturgies, other celebrations and private worship.

The Parish COVID19 Safety Plan is available through the following link :


Independent MP Alex Greenwich tables the Voluntary Assised Dying Bill 2021 in NSW Parliament this week.

This is the Year of Saint Joeph, the Patron of a Happy Death, and it is appropriate that as Catholics we seek his intercession for the protection of life in NSW.

If you haven’t already done so , please contact your local MP and express your opposition to euthanasia and assisted suicide laws, ask your family and friends to do the same.

Please read the message below from our Archbishop:

More information is available from the following links

The Archbishop’s plea to NSW MPs:

This Catholic Life Podcast: Euthanasia:

HOPE – Preventing Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide:

Plenary Council

We pray for guidance for the Plenary Council members .


A prayer used before every session of the Second Vatican Council.
This is to be prayed at the beginning of a Plenary Council.
We stand before you, Holy Spirit, conscious of our sinfulness,
but aware that we gather in your name.

Come to us, remain with us, and enlighten our hearts.Give us light and strength
to know your will, to make it our own and to live it in our lives.

Guide us by your wisdom,
support us by your power,
for you are God, sharing the glory of Father and Son.

You desire justice for All
enable us to uphold the rights of others;
do not allow us to be misled by ignorance
or corrupted by fear or favour.
Unite us to yourself in the bond of love
and keep us faithful to all that is true.

As we gather in your name may we temper justice with love,
so that all our decisions may be pleasing to you, and earn the reward
promised to good and faithful servants,


Sacramental Program Update

Confirmation – the Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday 13 November.

First Holy Communion – Unfortunately, due to lockdown and other restrictions, there has not be sufficient time to prepare our children to receive their First Holy Communion this year. All going well we hope to celebrate First Holy Communion early next year. The preparation will begin mid-November this year.

Live streamed Masses

Saturday Vigil Mass is held at 5pm – these Masses are live-streamed. Follow the link on the left of this webpage.